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Safehouse Group

The quest for creating the safest place for your precious metals

when we started with the precious metals business in 2011 through our partner company CCS Union Gold Inc., we were immediately aware that there cannot be proper safekeeping of wealth without the direct and physical ownership of the client and a dedicated storage facility.
Soon after we were asked by one of our clients if we are able to store 200 metric tons of his purchased gold, which not only confirmed what we knew but also made us realize the scale of the demand for state-of-the-art vaulting facilities in this part of he world that cuold satisfy very high quality standards. For example,in many vaults clients could not actually see(or at least it was difficult to audit) their physical property due to “security risk”,which points to the lack of transparency.
Some vaults did not have independent third party audits,thus increasing the risks from inside jobs.Most vaults had  “all risk insurance” that did not actually means

“ALL” risk insurance, especially when it comes to the so called mysterious disappearance or internal negligence..Other vaults simply did not have satisfactory testing method to verfiy the authencity of precious metals.
Finally, some vaults were simply located in fiscally imprudent jurisdiction,thus increasing the risks of nationalizations and political interference.From the begning  the main philosophy of our partner company CCS Union Gold Inc., was to minimize risks as much as possible , so we decided to built a vault that would meet all our criteria for proper safekeeping of the wealth.By establishing the vault we finally had the full suite of service under one umbrella i.e. we created a one-stop solution for buying ,selling ,testing ,storing, and collateralizing precious metals which meant the full protection and privacy with maximum possible flexibility,liquidity and transparency. Once we were satisfied that the vault was safe to keep our own possessions, we then decided that it was also safe for our clients.

Protecting your precious metals,preserving your wealth

The ISO 9001 certified vault at Safehouse Group, can store over 600 metric tons of silver and 200 tons of gold and platinum , in our Singapore Storage ,can store over 400 metric tons of silver and 100 tons of gold and platinum, in our Hong Kong storage,can store over 300 metric tons of silver and 100 tons of gold and platinum, in our Dubai Storage ,can store over 200 metric tons of silver and 50 tons of gold and platinum ,in our London Storage sand can store over 300 metric tons of silver and 80 tons of silver and over 550 metric tons of gold and platinum around de world making us a leader largest privately operated vaults company.
As  a  one – stop solution  for  testing  and  storage  bullion , Safehouse  Group  removes  the  risk  of  middlemen  and  subsequently  the  inherent  regulatory exposure  that  some  vaulting companies  headquaters  in  other  jurisdiction  have  to  conform  with.

This means that the stored bullion is the physical property of our clients and they can take it out or sell it back through our partner operated by CCS Union Gold Inc., allowing for maximum flexibility and liquidity without jeopardizing safety and security.

More privacy, more security, less concern

For clients who desire additional privacy and safety we offer safe deposit boxes at Safehouse Group’s storage. The clients have full control of storing their bullion in their own boxes which are locked and tamper sealed in their presence ,thus limiting the relationship with Safehouse Group to that of a rentor and box hirer. All our safe depposit boxs are covered b third party insurance included in the rental price, with the option to increase that insurance if clients with to do so. a safe deposit box is generally not considered a financial account by foreign revenue agencies, making it and ideal solution for preserving your  wealth.

Our commitment

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and transparency  without jeopardizing privacy and security. We will never seek to use client’s assets, information or property to generate additional undisclosed income. This means that anything stored in Safehouse Group’ facilities belongs only to our clients and we do not leverage on those assets in any way (i.e. borrow,hedge,lease etc. against the stored property.)