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Storage Fees

Safe Deposit Box Charge List

Class I Box Yearly Rent

Includes 50,000 USD parcel liability protection
Per Year: $1,200.00 USD

Class II Box Yearly Rent

Includes 200,000 USD parcel liability protection
Per Year: $950.00 USD

Coins & Bullion Storage

1% of declared value

New Tamper Seal

Issuance of a new unique metal seal (For redeposit only) upon each box deposit
Per Box: $20.00 USD

Optional Services

Additional Liability Protection
Per additional 10,000 USD
Per Year: $20.00 USD

Initial Remote Deposit

Initial RPacking of parcels. CCTV footage will be sent along with keys by physical mail
$150.00 USD

Drilling Charge

Drilling of lock, lock replacement and issuance of new keys
$150.00 USD